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How to Become a Better Muslim: 10 Tips to Transform Your Life

How to Become a Better Muslim: 10 Tips to Transform Your Life

If you want to become a better Muslim, you must first learn about the religion and what being Muslim means. It’s important to understand Islamic beliefs and principles to lead a life that aligns with the faith because Islam isn’t just about praying, fasting, and giving to charity. If you want to become a better Muslim, here are ten tips to transform your life.

1) How to Become a Better Muslim By Having Faith

How to Become a Better Muslim

One of the best ways to become a better Muslim is by having faith in ALLAH (SWT). You can be sure that ALLAH (SWT) will reward you for any good deeds by having faith. He would accept your repentance and forgive you if you sinned. Having faith also means knowing that there is an eternal punishment for those who do not follow Islam properly and don’t believe in ALLAH (SWT).

When you go to sleep, remember ALLAH (SWT) and ask for forgiveness. Do not let your life revolve around materialistic goods or chasing worldly pleasures. It is crucial that you have faith in ALLAH (SWT) and always remember him every day to be sure of Paradise when you die. Another way to become a better Muslim is by trying your best to perform five daily prayers.

Make sure you get up early and pray Fajr at dawn. Pray Maghrib after sunset, followed by Isha’ah before bedtime. Try to pray Dhuha or Zuhr mid-day and Wustha between Maghrib and Isha’. By praying five times every day, you can keep track of what day it is and become closer with ALLAH (SWT) and help create good habits for Muslims around you who will see how dedicated you are.

2) How to Become a Better Muslim By Reading Quran

How to Become a Better Muslim

The first step in becoming a better Muslim is reading and learning about Islam. When we read Quran, it affects our lives whether we realize it or not. ALLAH (SWT) tells us that he doesn’t want us to just read his book for entertainment purposes but to understand that he’s telling us how best to live our lives and how we can connect with him and become better people because of it.

When you open your heart and mind, ALLAH (SWT) will show you through the Quran what changes you need to make in your life to become a better person. But remember that changing yourself is different from forcing yourself- force won’t get you very far! Be gentle with yourself; when you make mistakes, forgive yourself, learn from them and start over.

You can start small- read a few verses or surahs from Quran every day or whenever you have time. Even reading one verse can be beneficial if it is something that relates directly to your life and needs changing. Reading about how God wants us to treat him, treat other people and live our lives will help you improve yourself and inspire and motivate you for further changes in your life. The more effort you put into it, the better it affects your life.

Become a better Muslim by studying Islam with someone who knows more than you do- ask family members who they learned Islam from and try out several different places until you find what works best for you.

3) How to Become a Better Muslim By Praying Salah

How to Become a Better Muslim

Believe it or not, praying is probably one of the easiest ways to become a better Muslim. As they say, prayer changes everything, and there’s no truer saying than that. How? For starters, praying is mandatory, known as salah in Islam.

Failing to pray five times per day when you’re able can leave you out of touch with your creator and may even ban you from entering Paradise. Not only that, but praying brings about great benefits for your health, too—not only does it have positive impacts on stress and anxiety levels, but it can also help regulate your blood pressure.

How to Become a Better Muslim By Giving Charity: There’s zakat, one of Islam’s five pillars and mandatory for financially able Muslims. Zakat is similar to tithing in other religions, although if it’s left until later in life or not given at all, your entire wealth will be left behind for family members or charitable causes after death.

4) How to Become a Better Muslim By Listening to Inspirational lectures

How to Become a Better Muslim

A simple step in how to become a better Muslim is through listening to inspirational Islamic lectures. There are several ways to find these, both online and offline. One way is by finding local mosques or masjids and attending their Friday prayer services. There are also open houses in many communities after each prayer service.

People can come together, get acquainted, and listen to various speakers offer advice and information. Of course, not everyone attends Friday prayers at their local mosque, so there are also plenty of ways that you can listen to recorded versions of these speeches online for free.

How to Become a Better Muslim By Shaping your Work Habits: A second way to become a better Muslim is by shaping your work habits. Most people are busy at work and find it difficult to carve out enough time for prayer. However, this is not an excuse for neglecting one of your most important duties as a Muslim, which is prayer.

You can do several things to balance your work and pray throughout your day, such as bringing prayer supplies when you work or keeping extra space in your schedule for prayers and reflection during working hours.

5) How to Become a Better Muslim By Doing Social Good in Your Community

How to Become a Better Muslim

If there’s one thing you can do to become a better Muslim, it’s find ways to help your community. No matter where you live, there are always opportunities for you to make positive contributions. From volunteering at local soup kitchens or participating in public service events (like blood drives), spending time helping others can improve your focus and increase your level of happiness while simultaneously transforming your image as someone who cares about those around them. So instead of thinking, what more can I get out of life?

Try starting with how else can I help others? It doesn’t take much effort and could be life-changing for you and your community. Remember, what goes around comes around!

Another way to become a better Muslim is by looking for opportunities in your community. There are many ways you can make your community a better place and yourself at the same time. You can organize events, volunteer for charities, or even be friendlier and more helpful toward others! It may seem like too much, but it’s not hard, and you will surely feel better once you do these things!

6) How to Become a Better Muslim By Being Honest With Yourself

How to Become a Better Muslim

This may sound obvious, but it’s important. The first step toward becoming a better Muslim is accepting yourself for who you are and where you’re in your religious practice. For some people, that means being OK with not praying every day or knowing how to answer questions about Islam. It also means being honest about your current understanding of Islamic doctrine. If you want to be considered an expert, work on improving your knowledge base until you are one.

How to Become a Better Muslim By Observing other Muslims: When we say someone has become a better Muslim, or mu’min (believer), they often do actions that please ALLAH (SWT). The Prophet MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) (PEACE BE UPON HIM) (peace be upon him) told us that two groups of people would never enter Paradise: those who disbelieve in ALLAH (SWT) and His Messenger, and those who watch over their brother Muslims and don’t help them in any way. So how do you learn how to transform your life? Start by watching your friends!

7) How to Become a Better Muslim By Never Giving Up

How to Become a Better Muslim

Muslims should never give up, even when faced with an obstacle. For instance, if we are hungry and cannot find any food, ALLAH (SWT) may provide us with something else (such as water) that we can use. We shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get what we want in life—and if it doesn’t happen as soon as we want it. The key is patience. How often have you wanted something so badly but didn’t get it? Patience is difficult but important for being a better Muslim. It will help you achieve your goals in life.

How to become a better Muslim by spending time in prayer: Prayer brings us closer to God and reminds us of our purpose on earth. How often do you pray? If you don’t pray regularly, start small by praying once or twice daily and build from there. You will feel more connected to God and begin making positive changes in your life after just one week of consistent prayer!

8) How to Become a Better Muslim By Smiling More

How to Become a Better Muslim

If you want to become a better Muslim and live more in line with your Islamic values, one thing you can do is smile more often. When you’re walking down busy streets or through crowded spaces, notice how many people are smiling at you. How many of them are smiling because they’re happy to see you? Maybe they’re smiling because they think you’re rich or have good fashion sense.

But what if they like your genuine smile? That’s why it’s important for Muslims worldwide—and throughout history—to smile often and genuinely. What could be better than putting your faith into action by making others feel welcome around you? Try it out!

How to Become a Better Muslim By Giving Back: Another great way to become a better Muslim is by giving back. The Qur’an and hadith talk about how Muslims should pay forward good deeds with even more good deeds or give of themselves freely. This can look like volunteering your time or money at an Islamic charity, offering financial support for family members in need, helping neighbors that aren’t as fortunate as you, or writing thank-you notes when someone does something nice for you. How much easier will it be for other people to smile at you when they know that your heart is full of love? And how amazing will it feel knowing that you’re living up to being an ideal Muslim while being kind and charitable at the same time?

9) How to Become a Better Muslim By Staying Away From The Bad Crowd

How to Become a Better Muslim

You will always be tempted and pulled away from bad things if you know some of your friends in bad company. They may even invite you to join them, but you should avoid such people because they are not good for you and may affect your religious life. To find good friends with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts. And also, advise them if they are misguided by any people or sources because everyone needs a friend like that who can guide them through difficult times.

How to Become a Better Muslim By Regularly remembering ALLAH (SWT): I hope that your heart is ready for ALLAH (SWT) because remember that without His permission, nothing can be possible, so read Quran regularly and if possible, try reciting Surah Al-Fatiha every day until its completion.

Become a Better Muslim By being Self-Disciplined: Remember that you are your own master, so you have full power over yourself, and ALLAH (SWT) is with you, so be disciplined in life because that’s what counts. If you don’t take care of your body, it will show on your face, and people will judge you accordingly.

10) How to Become a Better Muslim By Forgiving Others, Forgive Yourself

How to Become a Better Muslim

It’s easy to forgive others for their mistakes, but it cannot be easy to forgive yourself. But if you have low self-esteem, you might not be able to let go of an incident or experience in your past. It could hinder your ability to become a better Muslim and allow yourself to move forward in life. The trick is remembering that we are all human beings who make mistakes; with practice, being kinder and more forgiving of ourselves will make us better Muslims in our daily lives.

Every day, we should ask God for forgiveness, said Dr. Yasmin Mogahed, author of Reclaiming Our Voice and visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Institute for Middle Eastern Studies. How to Become a Better Muslim By Spending time in God’s presence: When we spend time with God, we are more likely to trust that He can help us and guide us through tough times. It becomes easier for us to forgive others and ourselves in these moments.

These simple acts of worship don’t take much effort but can make you feel closer to God and transform your life in ways you never imagined. Dr. Yasmin Mogahed explains how spending time worshipping is like taking regular exercise for your soul — our spirituality requires just as much attention as our physical health does.

Final Thoughts

Islam is about attaining excellence in every aspect of life, including spirituality, in its truest sense. It’s about practicing and realizing our most sacred values—compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness—and becoming someone who acts according to those values—in other words, striving to be a better human being. Being an exemplary Muslim doesn’t just mean avoiding bad deeds; it means doing good works with everything you have available in your life—your body, mind, and soul.

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