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How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

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How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

If you want to know how to change light mode on a fantech keyboard, there are several steps that you must take. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the right keyboard model to find the right light settings online. Next, ensure that your computer is set up correctly to allow light input from the keyboard via USB. Finally, follow the instructions below that explain how to change light mode on your fantech keyboard without making mistakes.


Fantech is a privately held company with headquarters in Chino, California. Established in 1989 as part of FANTECH Group, Inc., established in 1976, FANTECH manufactures high-quality fans and air circulation systems for commercial and residential use. The products are also sold under several partner brands across North America and Asia. Fantech has more than 500 employees worldwide, including management and administrative staff. Fantech currently operates in two business segments: heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) and professional lighting equipment. In January 2014, Fantech acquired DSET/Cerberus Lighting from David Schwartz and his partners.

what is fantech keyboard?

Fantech is a famous gaming company that focuses on making high-quality gaming keyboards. Because of its popularity, many people have tried to make their Fantech keyboard without knowing how to do it. However, the fantech keyboard isn’t like other keyboards because they have a light mode that allows users to change their keyboard lighting depending on their preferences and taste. Learning how to change light mode on a fantech keyboard will allow you to start building your very own fantech gaming keyboard by yourself.

how to change light mode on a fantech keyboard

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

There are a few different ways to change light mode on a fantech keyboard. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can set the keyboard to different color schemes. The good news is that it’s easy to change mode without knowing how to program it, making it accessible for anyone who wants to try out some of these features. The first thing you want to do is power up your fantech keyboard. You’ll know if it’s on or off because you’ll be able to see different colors flashing if it’s turned on once your keyboard is powered up. Press Fn + F1 until you reach a specific color. If that doesn’t work, press Ctrl + Esc while in Windows and see if there are options for light settings included with an option of standard or personalized modes. For example, if you’re looking for something that matches your desktop wallpaper, you might select personalized mode. This will give you a choice between red, green, blue, and yellow. These choices come with black text on a white background by default. So now you know how to change light mode on a fantech keyboard.

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard MAXFIT61 MK857 Space Edition

Fantech Keyboard MAXFIT61 MK857 Space Edition

FANTECH MAXFIT61 MK857 SPACE EDITION’s keyboard is designed to have a very bright backlight, but not all of us are used to using it. Today we will talk about how to change light mode on a fantech keyboard MAXFIT61 MK857 SPACE EDITION. Read on. The first step is to press FN + F1/F2 key at one time(FN key at the top left corner in MAXFIT61 MK857 SPACE EDITION). After that, you can find four modes: wave/wave6/rainbow, and wave7. In addition, it is adjustable brightness by pressing the + or – key. With all these modes, you can customize your keyboard just as you like. With your new maxfit 61 mk857 space edition having its beautiful rainbow lights, why don’t you try changing its lights? That would be much more interesting!

ow To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard Fighter K613X

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

If you want to know How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard FIGHTER K613X ALUMINUM BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD. It would be best to go to your start button and on to your search field; once you’re there, type in Fantech. When you see their program pop up, then click on it. Now when you are on their software, you will have four tabs. Click over to programming. Once there, enter at the top of the keyboard and find something that says light effect. Press enter it will take you right to it. Once you are there, check all four boxes: 1: change wave, 2: color change 3:scroll, 4: breath! Now click apply! don’t forget to turn the backlight off, then back on! Keywords Light effect scroll Breathe Color Change.

Features Of Fantech Keyboard

Fantech Keyboards are designed to be a user-friendly environment that offers a better keyboard. The keyboard features Smart Light mode, which allows you to alter your light mode without using any external software. All you need to do is click on your special light change button and choose how bright or dark you would like your LED lights. The LED lights will light up by all changes made by you. But first you need to know How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FANTECH a Chinese brand?

Fantech is a Chinese brand. They don’t have English manuals for their products, so most people need a professional translation service. This can get quite expensive and is often unnecessary since FANTECH keyboards are sold in Western countries with English software.

How good is FANTECH?

FANTECH is one of the top-selling brands in china. FANTECH products are known for their quality, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service. Most FANTECH products can be shipped out within seven days after confirmed payment.

Is fantech good keyboard?

Fantech is one of my favorites when it comes to gaming keyboards. It has LED backlights, an ergonomic design, and anti-ghosting technology. It’s not as expensive as many gaming keyboards out there but delivers just an as good performance for an affordable price. I recommend it if you are looking for a good keyboard under $100.


A Fantech keyboard is a user-friendly, simple yet powerful tool for users of all skill levels. Whether you are a professional or beginner, Fantech’s technology will ease your workflow and help you work more efficiently. With its clear key labels and comfortable design,  any typist can enjoy typing with their Fantech keyboard. The above article was only for How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard.

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