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How to list Property on Expedia

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How to list Property on Expedia

how to list property on expedia: Step-by-Step Guide for Hosts

As a vacation rental property owner, You’re aware of the importance of listing your property on as many platforms as possible. If you’re not on Expedia, you must think about this. It is a one-stop shop for all things associated with vacation and vacation plans; Expedia is a leading online travel agent (OTA). We believe that our 2022 U.S. Industry Forecast estimates that OTA bookings will recover from the slowdown caused by the Covid pandemic. Expedia is expected to increase 30 percent YoY on the average daily rate, which means property owners with listings on the site could increase their rates to benefit from this anticipated market growth. Expedia can help property owners who rent out their properties grow their business, so post your property now and be ready to reap the rewards.

In this article, we’ll look at the insides and outsides of Expedia and guide you through everything you need to know, starting with creating your listing and managing it through Expedia Partner Central. Expedia has localized websites across 70 countries and has a staggering 75 million monthly users. You shouldn’t sleep on this chance to grow your business of renting out vacation homes. The longer you’re not using Expedia, the more you’re being left out!

The first step towards beginning the Expedia journey is to list your home. In this section, we’ll talk about the best way how to list property on expedia and what you should include, and the best way to create your account. How to list property on expedia is only the beginning of the iceberg. We’ll go further and include the fundamentals of how to market your company on Expedia and provide answers to frequently asked questions to ensure that you’re set to succeed. So, let’s get started!

What is Expedia?

How to list Property on Expedia

Shortly, Expedia became a full-service global travel website. In addition to letting vacationers make reservations for accommodations and travel, they organize cruises, flights, cars, and vacation deal bundles which offer bundle and save options within all the services they provide. Connecting with many people in the travel industry makes it possible for Expedia to offer great rates and reward programs for their clients.

Expedia is also an itinerary guide for travel by offering a “things to do” option. All visitors must do is input an address and a date range to access the many events and activities happening during this period, from guided tours and restaurants to museums to the best bars. If one of these events sounds appealing, tickets are available directly on this Expedia website.

As with everything else listed on Expedia, customers can write reviews about events they have attended or, in the case of accommodation, about their location of residence. Checks can be posted as ratings of 5 stars, or they could be more specific and in some form, such as writing. For more information on Expedia’s offerings review, look at this Expedia Encyclopedia entry.

Which of the listing sites are part of Expedia Group, Expedia Group?

How to list Property on Expedia

You may wonder why Expedia significantly impacts the travel industry, offering services worldwide. This is because Expedia has several established businesses in the field: Expedia.com, Vrbo, HomeAway, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago, Cheaptickets, Ebookers, Wotif, Lastminute.com, MrJet, and CarRentals.com.

Being the owner of all these companies will allow Expedia to compete in the world market and satisfy every desire for a vacation. You may not be familiar with these businesses; however, Expedia purchases these businesses to allow them to show themselves and compete in other markets. If rental owners sign up properties to Expedia and are accepted, they will automatically gain access to a variety of Expedia-owned brands.

What is the process for Expedia to help hosts?

How to list Property on Expedia

Expedia is a highly user-friendly instrument for hosts to boost reservations for their vacation rentals. We’ll go over the particulars of listing with Expedia in a future section, but for now, we’ll outline the steps Expedia Group must complete to become a host for their channel.

Say Hello

What kind or type of house do you own? What is the location? This is the step where you’ll set up your free account and start an integration process with Expedia. It’s easy enough.

Sign up

Once you have made the account, you must complete your home details.

how to list property on expedia: Create an Expedia Listing

Highlight the unique aspects of your property by providing detailed photographs to impress potential guests. Your description should be well-crafted and clearly explain to guests what to anticipate when selecting your home; be sure to list your policies and the rental rates and availability.

Welcome guests

After you’ve posted an advertisement, the home will be viewed by tourists from all over the globe. The next step is informing your guests about making reservations and answering any questions they might ask. Making your listing is simple and sufficient. However, the process isn’t done when you click publish. Expedia creates programs and tools to assist you in maintaining the listing you have made through Expedia Partner Central. Their marketing programs will give you the knowledge to get your message to the right market and draw more travelers to your property. Learn how to improve your listings to keep guests engaged. Also, they share market data with hosts to make informed price adjustments and choices.

Expedia has tools that allow for simple communication with guests. This means you can keep track of guests before and after arriving to ensure they’re happy with your accommodation. Controlling reviews is also easy and could help in getting more guests. We’ll dive deeper into these features in the chapters to be released.

How do you advertise your property on Expedia?

How to list Property on Expedia

The process of how to list property on expedia is as simple as 1,2,3. So here’s an easy-to-follow guide on advertising the property you own on Expedia. First, click on the “list your property” button on the Expedia website. This procedure should take only 5 minutes. Then you will be given the possibility to list a personal residence which could include a private residence apartment, vacation home, or lodging property, which can consist of motels, hotels, or breakfast and bed and breakfasts.

If you select private and private residences, you will be directed to Vrbo to register. Then, you will be asked to fill in the following details:

Find out what you can earn!

You input the number of bathrooms and bedrooms at your residence. This process will produce an estimate of the cost of your property on Expedia.

What is the address where your home where is?

Input your email address.

One more step

Register an account with your username, telephone #, email, and password.

Once you have your account established, after you have set up your account on Vrbo, Follow the instructions for creating your listing. To find out how you can optimize your listings on Vrbo, read the Complete Guide for Listings for Listing on Vrbo. Remember, Vrbo is part of the Expedia Group which means that when you turn on Instant Bookings for the Vrbo listing, as well as having a consistent price across all travel websites, the Vrbo private listing will also be displayed in search results on the Expedia website.

If you choose to advertise an accommodation space, the questions you will be asked be the following:

Your property is located

Please enter your postal address.

We’d like to know more about your home.

Make sure you know the name of your property, the property type, the number of units, and the currency in the case of the channel manager and in case your property belongs to an entire chain.

One more step

Register your account using your username, phone number, and email address.

The three steps required to register your house on Expedia will form the basis for your account. Once your account is created, you can proceed to the Sign-up! The action of the procedure. This area is where you will serve in the information about your property. Be sure to include photos of your home, details regarding your amenities and rooms, and any tax or other information that your local government requires in your possession.

You will get the email sent by Expedia telling you that your account was established. The email will encourage you to verify your account. In this section, you must go through the Expedia terms and conditions. It is also where they outline the percentage of commissions and compensations and the method by which you will be paid from bookings. After you’ve verified your account and agreed to all terms and conditions, you can begin creating the Expedia listing!

Then, you’ll be presented with an array of questions about your property, so be prepared to come up with your ideas. The first step is, to begin with, a short introduction that will be followed by a brief description of your property and a list of all the main features and distinctive selling aspects of your home. After that, you’ll be required to develop your listing and describe the property.

What are the features each room include?

Please specify the size, number of bed furniture, furnishings, views, the number of windows, etc. If you have something you believe should be included or could draw guests’ attention, mention it.

Special facilities

What kind of amenities or appliances can you provide with your home? Do you have a fully fitted kitchen or bathroom? Do you have a nice outdoor space? Do you have a pool? Sunbeds? Games or toys?

Pictures of your home

The possession of top-quality photographs of all rooms in your property, including front and rear views, as well as details about amenities, is essential. The photos must be taken professionally to show the cleanness and beauty of your property.

Areas surrounding it

Inform people about where they live. Are incredible eateries, bars, tourist destinations, and transportation options nearby? The guests would like to experience their trip, so tell them what they could get into while staying at your home.

Policy, Fees, and availability

Inform guests that they may be required to pay additional charges or deposits for booking your hotel. Also, inform guests about the property’s policies. This could be related to cancellations and refunds or any restrictions, for instance, age limits or pet restrictions. Be sure to record the dates and times you are available.

Once you’ve filled in every detail, you can think about your rental, and the listing will be up and handled in just a minute. It will be visible to thousands of Expedia Group users across the world. You’ll be ready to welcome guests to your home for a vacation!

Tips for beginners How to list Property on Expedia and Advertising

How to list Property on Expedia

The listing of your home with Expedia can be the initial step of how to list property on expedia. However, it’s not a guarantee of reservations. You’ll need to work hard to get higher rankings and receive reservations. Marketing on Expedia is quite simple. You can take some essential steps when setting up your account that will help attract guests to your property. If you’re looking to explore more, Expedia also offers its extranet to help you with your marketing requirements. Let’s concentrate on some beginner tips to ensure your listing will be more prominent on Expedia result pages.

Enable instant bookings

It’s no secret that customers prefer booking immediately instead of waiting for demand to be approved for booking. Booking guests immediately after they’ve decided to book helps hosts and guests and boosts reservations by removing the waiting time. This helps save time and allows hosts to comply with Expedia’s diversity and inclusion policies by making it virtually impossible to exclude customers who wish to make reservations.

The unique benefit that Expedia offers is the ability for hosts to publish their listings across various channels run by the Expedia Group without the need for an account separate for each channel; however, this feature is only accessible if instant bookings are enabled. Customers must be able to view your account before even considering making a booking. Utilizing this option can take your listing to the next level. Booking on the spot is essential to the success of your website listing.

Make use of high-quality pictures for How to list Property on Expedia.

It is essential that your listing can grab the attention of the users. They first see photos of your home, which must be fresh, modern, and natural. The first photo is the most effective since it lets users click through your page to find more information.

Expedia suggests you include four images per room type and one from every other important area, making your listing stand out. Your guests will not pick a hotel with poor quality, low-light images; They’d like to be impressed by the prospect of staying on the property. Highlighting the best amenities or aspects, you have to offer is suggested. Offer your guests a glimpse of the personality of your rental. Imagine how wonderful staying there.

Manage reviews and customers

How to list Property on Expedia

Customers are the primary aspect of your business since they are responsible for generating bookings and revenues. A positive customer experience is crucial to getting reservations. Being extraordinarily responsive and having an average response time of 24 hours in both the beginning and the middle of a stay can lead to better satisfaction with the service, which results in more favorable scores. Most of the top-rated listings on Expedia have ratings close to five to five stars. Visitors are likelier to choose an establishment with high ratings and favorable reviews. This leads to the next step of responding to any reviews that are posted on your account.

Give the time to reply to every review you receive, whether positive or negative. It gives the impression that you are concerned about your guests ‘ questions and requests. It can also alleviate the pain of any negative feedback.

how to list property on expedia : Customize your listing

When you create your profile, be sure to include as much information as you can. Filling in every form and ensuring that your information is consistent across the various listing websites is crucial to bringing confidence in your account from potential customers and search engines. The choice of a title for the listing which is authentic and unique to your company can make it more visible in search results that bring people to book their trip through Expedia. Creating a compelling “about this property” section in which you describe the specifics of your property, which includes particular features and amenities, is crucial. When people click on your listing, the visitors will go through these paragraphs to ensure they’re ready to book.

Expedia also has an area to discuss the size of your property. Most guests would like to know what they can do within the vicinity. So, ensure you provide a list of famous places of interest, dining options, and transportation options. Adding the tags for your location to your listing may assist guests in finding your property when they’re looking for a particular experience or background.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding how to List Property on Expedia.

How to list Property on Expedia

Although the process is quite simple, there are always questions that hosts ask before listing their properties on Expedia. We’ll try to answer the majority of questions in the sections below!

Which Expedia Group listing sites will my home be listed on?

As we previously mentioned, once you post your property listing on Expedia, it will also be displayed on other websites operated by the Expedia Group and without the requirement to establish any new accounts. According to Expedia, the listing will be displayed on Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz, Wotif, and many more! While they don’t publish a complete list of where your listing will appear, we can be sure that it will be noticeable across different platforms and marketplaces. Expedia states that, with every site being automatically included, you will be able to get in touch with any potential client.

Does Expedia own Vrbo?

Yes. Vrbo meant Vacation Rentals By Owner and was first launched in 1995 as one of the first platforms homeowners could use to market their rental homes. HomeAway bought it in the year 2006. Then, in 2015 Expedia Group acquired HomeAway and, consequently, Vrbo.

Can guests make reservations for an Airbnb using Expedia?

Many owners who own rental properties advertise their property on several online travel companies (OTAs), which is why it’s typical to see similar listings on Airbnb and Expedia. Indeed, guests cannot reserve an Airbnb using Expedia since it’s an independent entity or part of Expedia. Expedia Group. However, guests can book a hotel advertised on Airbnb if it is listed on Expedia.

To prevent duplicate bookings and to ensure immediate sync of reservations and calendars, the presence of a channel administrator is vital. Without a channel manager, the moment someone makes a booking for the same property on both platforms, such as Expedia, the dates won’t be automatically blocked by Airbnb. You can control each OTA listing separately. However, this may take longer.

What is this? Expedia host commission?

The amount of the commission charged to hosts is usually between 10 and 30 percent, with the median being 15 percent. This is only a charge when guests are living on your property. There’s plenty to discuss on this subject, and a brief paragraph isn’t enough. In the next chapter, we’ll go further into Expedia hosting commissions. We’ll also give you the information to better understand their commission system.

Expedia Host Fees: What Cut Does Expedia Take?

How to list Property on Expedia

Every major OTA accepts a certain percentage of commission from hosts. This is to be expected. In the end, they won’t be able to remain in business without a portion of the profits. Expedia isn’t any different. It’s free to post your home on Expedia’s site; however, there are fees for hosting, and Expedia commission rates differ based on several aspects. We’ll go over the other fees charged by Expedia for hosts as well as commission rates in the following section.

Host fees at Expedia What elements are to be considered?

In the previous chapter, Expedia commission rates vary between 10% and 30%. Hosting hosts are required to pay commissions to OTA in a pay-per-book manner. It means the host won’t be charged until they have guests staying at their home. This helps protect hosts from additional costs that can result from cancellations. What percentage Expedia earns from the host is contingent upon the area of the property; therefore, if you own rental properties spread across different cities or locations, specific may be less expensive than other locations.

Hosts may anticipate the monthly payment from Expedia with the amount due in booking fees. There are no sign-up or subscription costs. Earning commissions can increase when you utilize an Expedia Partner Central Accelerator tool. This tool can boost the listing you have chosen at your price to achieve a higher commission. Learn the details about this feature in Chapter 4. Expedia has commission plans and models in place for agencies and hotels. However, they haven’t incorporated that into their vacation rental properties yet. But, the vacation rental industry is growing year after year. Shortly, we’re likely to learn more about host fees and deals, such as Expedia’s TAAP program for owners of vacation rentals.

Expedia remains extremely valuable for hosts who have rental properties due to its extensive reach into other platforms for vacation rentals. Every Expedia Group holiday rental site could have slight differences in the hosting fee and commissions. Let’s discuss charges for some Expedia-owned companies which you’ll want to be on.

Vrbo host charges: Different choices

Vrbo is the most significant player within the Expedia group, and it is specifically geared to properties for vacation rentals. To be eligible to be listed on other websites from Vrbo, you need to activate the instant booking feature and maintain a consistent price across all platforms. If you enable this feature, the rental will then automatically appear as a rental on Expedia in conjunction with Vrbo.

Vrbo has various plans you can select from to pay host charges. You can pay a single annual fee or pay a per booking fee. The one-time annual fee is a yearly fee of $499 to advertise your property. Contrarily paying per booking is charged each time a guest is at your rental home. The cost is determined by Vrbo based on various aspects, but the amount is set between 5 and 9 percent.

Fees for hosts at Travelocity are the same as Expedia.

Travelocity is another significant participant in the Expedia Group empire. It’s the third most frequented website within the group, ranked second only to Expedia and Hotels.com. Your listing is automatically posted on the website once you sign up for Expedia, and that’s why the same properties are listed on both sites. Travelocity is focused on hotel reservations and offers. Still, as the market for vacation rentals expands, the company will likely change its focus to better serve rentals for vacation homes. As of now, you can expect to pay similar fees from Travelocity to Expedia.

The policy of Expedia Host Cancelation: Everything You Must Know for How to list Property on Expedia

How to list Property on Expedia

If you’re a guest or host, everyone’s worst nightmare on vacation has to cancel a reservation and trip. The cancellation policy of Expedia differs slightly according to the category you’re listing under the categories of hotels, short-term rentals, flights, rental car packages, etc. The Expedia cancellation policy for owners of vacation rentals is established on the website. However, companies can develop their own rules that guests are also required to follow when canceling.

How do I know your Expedia cancellation policies for host hosts?

Expedia has a 24 hours cancellation policy that is free on its website for customers. Customers can cancel or alter reservations without charges or penalties during this period. After 24 hours, typically, there is no cancellation fee charged by Expedia. However, hosts may devise policies where guests can be penalized for canceling reservations. If you are a short-term rental hosteler, you must consider creating an effective cancellation policy for your company.

Expedia implements its cancellation policy to safeguard its host businesses and partners. In the case of vacation rentals, The policy changes based on the reservation window that is at reservation. When looking through a listing, the potential guest can see the property’s condition, whether it is refundable or completely. The difference between Expedia’s Expedia policies for refunds to customers is to ensure that the property owner can secure reservations or even a tiny amount of cash for reservations that are made close to the date of their stay.

In the event of a fully refundable policy, guests are allowed to make cancellations before midnight the day that they make the reservation for an entire refund. This is in line with Expedia’s no-cost cancellation policy on that same day. If the customer cancels their travel plans up to a week following the reservation trip, the keeper contacts to keep a portion of the revenue, and guests are partially given a refund. In the case of partial policies, refundable guests are given three days to cancel their stay and get 50% of their money back, with the remainder of the funds being paid directly to the owner. The time to cancel is determined by the local time at the property, which means that cancellations made by international guests shouldn’t cause an issue for a landlord.

How do you prevent cancellations on guests?

How to list Property on Expedia

The cancellation of guests could result in various negative impacts on your rental property. It can result in negative reviews, revenue loss, and even angry guests. As a property owner, you must do everything you can to avoid unnecessary cancellations by your side.

Make sure you observe your calendar up to date.

A calendar that is regularly updated can avoid double bookings and subsequent cancellations. If specific dates appear to be open on your calendar but don’t exist, guests will think it is okay to book and end up with multiple guests thinking they’re booked for a stay at your home. This will cause you to cancel one due to an error in your calendar.

If you are listing on several OTAs, It is recommended to use an agent manager that can sync your calendar is recommended to ensure that all your reservations are listed in one spot. Lodgify can assist you in this regard as we provide calendar synchronization across your properties. If guests block out the dates of one calendar, other calendars will also be shut off.

Make sure you are aware of your home’s rules and guidelines.

When drafting your property rules, ensure that you are explicit and clear about what you permit and do not allow. If you do not enable smoking, pets, or minimum age requirements, ensure guests are informed about this before booking; otherwise, you’ll be imposing cancellations on guests for not observing your rules.

Customize rates in advance

Many owners of vacation rentals use peak seasons, such as holidays, to increase prices and earn a little from the increased demand. It is essential to do this long before the anticipated increase in demand, or else early birds may not make reservations before you get an opportunity to set the price. If you’re okay not having the opportunity, that’s not a problem; however, if not, then you’ll need to cancel to decide on the price and then try to get someone to rebook at the price you set.


In conclusion, here are 5 quick tips on How to list Property on Expedia:

  1. Use the right keywords – When you’re searching for properties to list on Expedia, make sure to use the right keywords. This will help you target potential travelers and make your property more visible.
  2. Make a compelling offer – Once you’ve identified a property that you would like to list on Expedia, make sure to offer a compelling deal.

For More Details

expedia customer service (397-3342) for How to list Property on Expedia

FAQs Regarding How to list Property on Expedia

How do I list things on Expedia?

Signing up as an Expedia Experiences Supplier
It’s free to sign up as an Expedia Local Expert, and you’ll sign-up via your Partner Central account. After approval, you’ll be able to connect to an Expedia Destination Manager and will be able to create listings, manage availability, pricing and other content.

What percentage does Expedia take?

What is the commission rate for Expedia? Like Booking.com, Expedia charges a different range of commission rates, based upon the dimensions of the hotel. Hotels that are independent typically be charged a 15-30% commission fee while big brands could anticipate paying 10-15 percent.

How many types of properties can you book on Expedia?

If you sign up as an Expedia Partner will be a part of the Expedia Group; home to more than 200 booking websites, 590K properties, 1.8M online bookable vacation rentals 500plus airlines and more than 175 car rental firms and more than 35K activities

How do you create a property booking?

How do you apply for a new property registration
Go to the sign-up page, then click on the Get Started button.
Fill in your email, then click Continue.
Please enter your initial name, your last name, and your phone number, and select Next.
Password, verify it, and then click Create account.

How much does it cost to advertise on Expedia?

How much will a campaign cost? We have campaigns that can be created to suit any budget beginning with an initial starting point of at least $10,000 dollars. Costs for campaigns will vary in accordance with the timeframe and placements, the amount of impressions, and the quantity of exposure you would like to buy.

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