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How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram.

by globaltech

There are a lot of ways to make money online but I will explain how to make money by following people on Instagram? in a simple way in this article.

Can You Make Money On Instagram?

Yes you can make money with Instagram. Let see step by step how you can earn with Instagram but first let me tell you that what is Instagram.

Instagram is a social platform where you can follow people of your interest as well as celebrities, politicians, public figures etc., to know what they are doing in their life or what’s going on with them in the modern world.

There is a lot number of people who use Instagram for business purposes and they are generating a good amount of money. But those people have actual physical products they use Instagram to stay in touch with people related to their products.

But what if we don’t have any products, Fan following or business then how to make money with Instagram. Easy, there are a lot number of people who want to get famous on Instagram even they are willing to pay for followers. So we will follow them but How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram?

How We Will Follow, And Make Money. 

So we will follow some steps in order to get paid.

  • Create an account on Instagram .
  • Gain at least 05 followers.
  • Create an account at getlike.io
  • Connect your Instagram to getlike.io
  • Follow Instagram accounts.
  • Collect your earnings.
  • Withdraw your earnings.

Create An Instagram Account.

Alright now we have to make an Instagram account don’t worry you can use your own account but i will recommend you to create a fresh account for this method because you have to follow random people on Instagram and i am sure no body wants to follow people on Instagram without their interest. just head over to www.instagram.com and create an account.

Remember you have to upload your profile picture don’t worry you can use someone’s picture downloaded from the internet but the key point is you will need at least 05 images of that particular person. means at least 05 images of the same person to qualify for how to Make Money By Following People On Instagram.

Gain At Least 05 Followers.

You will need at least 05 followers in order to get paid or to get Instagram’s account to follow for to get paid . Now how to get 05 followers simple your family member can help you. but there is a simple solution, Instagram has an algorithm that is if you follow 05 people you will get 01 follower automatically.

Now if you create a fresh Instagram account why don’t you follow some random people first. it means if you follow 30 or 35 Instagram accounts you will get 05 followers automatically.

Create An Account At Getlike.io

Now we are going to know How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram? just search for www.getlike.io and create an account. When you successfully create your account at www.getlike.io simply login your account now at left hand side you will have your menu where you can see all your tasks and your connected social media accounts with www.getlike.io

Connect Your Instagram To Getlike.io

At the left hand side menu just click on Instagram and connect your Instagram account with www.getlike.io remember do not create any task you have to earn by following random people on Instagram not to be followed by them.

Because people come here to buy real Instagram followers, so we don’t have to buy any followers. That’s why we don’t have to create any task we are here to follow that people who want to get followers.

Follow Instagram Accounts.

When you successfully connect your Instagram account with www.getlike.io you will see an option of Job Exchange at top left side just click on that and www.getlike.io will show you a lot of recommended Instagram accounts to follow.

First, you need to click on all accounts to verify that the tasks are available or not if the tasks are available, the color of the task will be changed to green. Just click on all green tasks and after that again click on all to follow them.

Collect Your Earnings.

This is a Russian website, and you will be paid in Russian currency that is Ruble when you complete your 100 Rubles you will be eligible to withdraw that amount.100 Rubles= 1.25 United States Dollar mean you can easily earn 1.25 USD by following random people on Instagram for free. and this is the best answer for How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram?

Withdraw Your Earnings.

Alright if you successfully earn your first 1.25 USD pocket money for free its time to withdraw that amount from www.getlike.io in the modern world there are a lot of ways to transfer your money from one place to another but for this purpose we will use payeer. 

Because payeer is fast and secure and even we can trade with our earnings in the payer app for android as well. just go to https://payeer.com/en/ and create an account for free or you can use the payeer android app . transfer your earnings from www.getlike.io to payeer and ENJOY.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do Influencers Make Money On Instagram

    Usually influencers are those people who are public figures or showbiz stars etc. means that they have a huge fan following so if he are she upload a pic or talk about any product in their Instagram post and people purchased that product or any type of subscription that influencers get commission for each sale.

  2. How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1k Followers

    The standard is $10 per 1,000 followers But it depends on the quality of content, audience demographic, and name recognition means fan following if you are a celebrity or a public figure. But there are a lot number of groups available on the internet who sell followers as well.

  3. How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram.

    There are a lot of ways to make money online with Instagram. For example, if you have a fan following, you can promote a brand or a product, Provide services, and manage someone’s Instagram account.


In simple words you can earn with Instagram for free with out any type of investment. You just have to use some free resources and smart ideas I guarantee you that you can generate a handsome amount of money for free online. Not only Instagram even you can earn with all type of social media platform. And this article is the best answer for How To Make Money By Following People On Instagram.

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