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Online Psychology Degree in Montana

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Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana: Technology is designed to solve issues and make tasks simpler. With the help of technology for education, more significant numbers of people can access necessary knowledge and earn degrees through the comfort of their computers. This makes education more accessible and an increasing option for students across the globe. According to a study conducted by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research, 60% of students with the possibility of taking classes in a classroom or online chose an online option due to its ease of use. Registering for an online course could be the ideal solution if you’re looking to enhance your education. Here are some ways online courses are beneficial for both universities and students. You can take your time studying whenever you’d like. Study with anyone you’d like. You can learn in any outfit you want (or none if you like!) Online courses allow you to enjoy time with your family, work or friends, loved ones, or anything else you want. Montana has a tremendous demand for psychologists, specifically behavioral health professionals. This guide explains how you can obtain a psychologist’s license in Montana…

What is Psychology?

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

A psychologist is an individual whose work focuses on humans’ primary motivations. We commonly consider psychologists as counselors who practice psychotherapy in dimly lit rooms where clients sit on chaise lounges. However, the field of psychology is much more extensive than the one we think of. For example, some psychologists work in the social work field where they could work for a social services agency. At the same time, some hold an MBA and are employed in organizational psychology. There are also psychologists working in academia as professors or research faculty.

Montana is a vast state most often associated with breathtaking views, sprawling ranches, and magnificent mountains. However, despite all of the above, Montana also has a robust economy that goes beyond its mining, agriculture, or ranching activities. The real property market drives Montana’s economic growth. Other top five industries are manufacturing, retail trade, professional services, and social services such as social assistance and education.

Since social assistance ranks second in the top Montana industries, the state must encourage and create a healthy and vibrant population of professionals in the field of psychology. The area requires workers at all levels, which includes associate degrees, bachelor’s diplomas, and master’s degrees in psychology. They are frequently employed for a wide variety of employment opportunities in the market. For example, they may work for non-profit and state-owned social service organizations. In reality, every aspect of the justice system requires employees who are educated and experienced in psychology. Even if they are guards in prison, a psychology degree could guide their work in a way they can create not just a well-organized system but an environment that’s more compassionate and compassionate.

Montana Technological University offers online certificate undergraduate, graduate, and degree programs. Undergraduate programs include the Master of Science in nursing post-licensure and completion of nursing (BSN). Graduate degrees are available in industrial hygiene and project engineering, and management. Additionally, an advanced certificate is offered in health informatics. MTU utilizes Moodle for its Learning Management System and Ore digger Web as its online student management platform. MTU offers courses that can be taken entirely online and an extensive support system for students taking blended and online courses to ensure student success. The online student resources include online tutoring for free and access to additional forms of academic support, such as Khan Academy, Merlot, and Hippocampus. In addition, the health classes for students are accessible to online students.

Why Earn an online psychology degree in Montana?

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Although Montana is the fourth-largest in the country, however, the population of Montana is among the smallest, with just seven people for every square mile. In addition, about two-thirds of the inhabitants live in rural regions. Although the state has 32 postsecondary institutions, only seven are in rural areas. As a result, going to college on campus might be difficult for most people living in the state.

The state is desperately in need of educated workers. It is estimated that the Montana Department of Labor expects an unemployment rate of 24,000 or more over the next ten years. In addition, the Lumina Foundation says that by 2025, 60% of Americans will need a college degree. Montana has set itself a goal of achieving 60 percent of college; however, the current rate of 45 percent. Therefore, most Montana residents need to earn a postsecondary degree to meet the demand.

Fortunately, there is a bright side. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that median weekly earnings rise with each stage of education above high school. The bachelor’s degree holders make approximately 60 percent more than those with only high school diplomas.

The online education offered in Montana might be the way to earning college credits, overcoming barriers to travel, and boosting earnings. The degree programs are often available faster and permit students to finish their courses at times that are flexible at any time in the state.

online psychology degree in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Montana has also been a victim of the opioid crisis. In years past, opioids such as heroin never made it to such a rural state, but now the state is flooded with opioid addicts. These troubled souls may start their downward spiral with prescriptions from their doctor and become addicted to illicit drugs. On top of this are the usual problems with alcohol, which is a primary threat to public health. Thus, Montana has extra incentives to train psychology professionals to work with its addicted population.

Montana has enacted a licensing process for addiction counselors to accomplish the goal. The rules include licensure for degrees beginning with an associate degree in psychology. When professionals are interested in this field, they can go towards completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and even get a master’s degree. This means that the psychological needs of Montana’s people can be addressed through counseling and drug therapy, and professionals can later choose to pursue different specializations within their job. It could be child psychology counseling, couples therapy, and even psychiatry if you consider attending medical college.

The majority of psychology professionals have a minimum of a bachelor’s level. However, there are plenty of exceptions. Most states license addiction counselors with only an associate’s qualification or lower. The holders of these degrees may have a promising career; however, they are usually restricted by the state’s regulations. States typically only permit psychologists with a master’s level or higher to conduct psychotherapy.

A few of Montana psychology colleges The University of Montana in Missoula offers an advanced doctoral program. Montana State University, located in Billings, provides a master’s degree. Additionally, a variety of online schools offer similar options. An online psychology degree in Montana allows you to integrate classes into your current schedule. You can study at your leisure and at a location you prefer, away from the campus. If you’d like more assistance from the campus, the program that offers both offline and online classes might be the best fit.

online psychology degree in Montana: First Steps to Licensing

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

To practice psychology in Montana, you need a license issued by the Board of Psychology. That credential requires that you fulfill one of the three possible education routes. The first requires a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from an accredited college/university approved by the American Psychological Association (APA). The second requires a doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited college/university not approved by the APA and completion of a formal, APA-approved graduate retraining program in clinical psychology.

The third requires a doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited college/university and completion of a course of study that meets minimum standards specified in the Board’s rules. All three options require two years of supervised experience, one of which must be postdoctoral, and a passing score (500 or better) on the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP). In Montana, clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earn an annual average salary of $47,500. Other types of psychologists make $88,470 per year, on average.

Top Online Degree Programs in Montana / online psychology degree in Montana

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, returning to school after a long absence, or a mid-career professional looking to enhance your skill set, the following list of top online degree programs in Montana, developed using NCES data, can help in your search for degree programs.

Business Administration and Management, General  4  
General Studies  3
Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies  2
Criminal Justice/Safety Studies  2
Early Childhood Education and Teaching  2
Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other  2
Legal Assistant/Paralegal  2
Business/Commerce, General  2
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration  2
Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Quality of Online Education in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

To address the impending worker shortage and improve college attainment rates, the Montana University System (MUS) developed a strategic plan to increase college participation, retention, and completion rates. Among its goals is improving distance and online learning across the entire system, including expanding online programs. The MUS now offers more than 100 online degrees and has prioritized quality as part of these offerings.

Ten of the state’s postsecondary institutions are members of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA), a member organization in which participants agree to adhere to a set of national quality standards among distance education programs, enabling students to access online programs across state lines that have comparable measures. Individual Montana colleges that offer online degree programs are also working hard to demonstrate quality. One example is Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC), which has overhauled its online education program to follow SARA, implemented an online specialist from each school division to support and counsel educators in providing high-quality learning experiences, and established a regular program quality review process.

What to Look for in Online Degree Programs in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

To determine which online degrees in Montana might be a good fit for your career goals, learning style, and personal needs, here are some factors to consider about prospective programs:

  • Online program delivery: Is the program entirely or partially online, and if there are on-campus requirements, can you adhere to them? For example, the Montana State University Billings offers an online associate degree in business administration that combines online courses with evening courses on campus. In contrast, the University of Montana’s B.A. in media arts is offered entirely online.
  • Learning environment: Is the class size small enough to give you the level of personal attention you need? How frequently would you need to log on, and is the style and amount of interactions with peers and faculty a good fit? What are the program’s technology needs? And considering that some online programs are accelerated, does the length of class sessions suit your needs?
  • Student services: Does the program offer enough support for you to be successful, such as tutoring, counseling, one-on-one mentoring and advisement, 24/7 tech support, or even writing and math centers? Would you have access to the help you may need?

Become a Psychologist in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

To become a psychology professional in Montana, starting with a solid educational background is vital. This is not a field a person can enter without academic credentials. This is because the Montana state government strictly governs the area. However, the state does allow those with an associate online psychology degree in Montana or a bachelor’s psychology degree to enter the field as addiction counseling professionals. These undergraduate credentials do not allow the holder to practice therapy in other situations, but they can work with those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.

Any psychology student interested in licensure must realize that these credentials don’t automatically come with a degree. Montana has a list of other requirements on top of a suitable degree from a fully accredited college or university. They insist that licensure candidates have exposure to specific areas during their degree programs. For instance, they need academic exposure to chemical dependency assessment, counseling, treatment planning, multicultural competency, and more. On top of that, Montana requires that candidates have 1,000 hours of supervised experience in the field.

Most psychology or addiction counseling programs will be fully aware of the licensure requirements and can advise students accordingly. Montana college students who aim to become psychology professionals should investigate their department’s knowledge and expertise to help students achieve licensure. In addition, most psychology departments will have guides available for students who desire a career in addiction counseling, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level.

For those interested in research or organizational psychology, it’s advised to consider a Ph.D. However, students may consider accruing academic or practical experience in the business for organizational psychology. They might even pursue an MBA alongside their psychology training. Those with a dual-MBA might be able to forgo a Ph.D., though the doctorate is always highly valued. Research psychologists will undoubtedly want to work toward a Ph.D. since those positions are never given to those with a master’s degree. However, an M.A. in psychological research may help a student work as a research assistant.

Montana’s natural beauty — with its clear streams, pristine forests, and two national parks — draws more than 10 million tourists each year and makes it easy to see why Montana is called “Big Sky Country.” Skies are sunny for residents, too, thanks to one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates and one of its fastest wage growth rates, according to Montana’s 2018 Labor Day Report.

But economists warn of storm clouds looming ahead. Montana’s population of working-age adults is waning while demand for workers with college credentials is growing, leading experts to forecast a widening skills gap that will stall growth or even reverse it. And with more than half of residents living in rural areas, far away from postsecondary institutions, accessibility to education could be a challenge for residents.

Online psychology degree in Montana could help solve this puzzle by providing needed postsecondary education to more people, regardless of distance from schools or scheduling constraints, and often more quickly and affordably than traditional degree programs.

Scholarships and Financial Aid in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Although currently, the state offers no state government-funded, need-based grants to first-time students, the MUS strategic plan has set a goal of reinstating these and increasing the amount of aid awarded to attract more Montanans to earn college degrees. In addition, several scholarship programs are available to help students afford online psychology degree in Montana They includes:

MUS Honor Scholarship: This four-year renewable scholarship waives the recipient’s tuition when used at an eligible MUS campus. The value varies depending upon campus attended, but the average value at a four-year Montana campus is about $5,000 yearly or $20,000 for four years.

2 Plus 2 Honor Scholarship: This annual scholarship is awarded to students who graduate with associate degrees from two-year campuses of the MUS or a Montana community college. It consists of a waiver of undergraduate tuition at any four-year unit of the MUS and may be received for up to four continuous semesters.

National Merit Semifinalist Scholarship: This scholarship for Montana students receiving National Merit Semifinalist Scholarships provides a tuition waiver valid through the first two consecutive semesters of enrollment at a MUS campus within nine months after high school graduation. The student must maintain satisfactory grades.

Be sure to check with your school about other financial aid opportunities that may be available to you.

Types of online psychology degrees in Montana

Online Psychology Degree in Montana

Online Associate Degree in Psychology (AS)

A two-year associate degree in psychology online from an institution like a Montana community college is an excellent way to begin your career in this field. Montana will recognize an associate psychology degree to be licensed as a counselor in addiction. If you are a student aiming toward a career as a counselor, it is an excellent opportunity to begin the job. It is because they could be employed in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, gain knowledge about the field, and experience the reality of counseling. In the end, counseling is a challenging and physically demanding profession. So, following this step-by-step approach is more effective than jumping into a master’s degree without prior experience.

An associate’s degree can be an excellent choice from a financial perspective. The tuition costs for community colleges online are significantly lower than the majority of four-year universities. So, the cost of an undergraduate psychology degree could be drastically diminished when the first two years have been discounted.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.S.)

By obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in psychology, students are already on the path to a lucrative career in psychology. A four-year education can qualify for Montana state licensing as an addiction counselor. It will also help those who are seeking jobs in social service organizations and social service agencies. A bachelor’s degree will also provide plenty of opportunities for gaining knowledge and experience before graduating.

Bachelor’s degree students typically utilize their four years in college to obtain jobs in mental health facilities. However, they may also consider alternatives, such as working as an intern or an assistant for the organizational psychologist. On college campuses, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree could also attend classes to broaden their perspectives. In particular, students can study management courses to understand how psychology is applied in these classes. A different option would be to pursue sociology and expand its scope from looking at individuals to learning large groups of activities.

Online Master’s Degree in Psychology (M.S. or MC)

To take your career in psychology to the next step, obtaining an online psychology degree in Montana is crucial. If you have a master’s degree in psychology in Montana, it is the case that the state of Montana can grant licensure suitable for psychotherapy. Remember that there are other options on this page, too. For example, many choose to pursue a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and then work in clinical practice, where psychotherapy is the main focus. The MSW can also open up the possibility of working for non-profit or government-funded social service organizations.

As the MBA degree is becoming increasingly sought-after and sought-after, it is essential to highlight the way it can be used with a master’s online psychology degree in Montana. Psychologists specializing in organizational psychology pursue the MBA to understand better businesses and how companies manage themselves. To achieve this, specific individuals will pursue an MBA with an emphasis on organizational psychology, and others may opt for a dual MBA with an online psychology degree in Montana.

Online Ph.D. Degree in Psychology (Ph.D.)

An online doctorate is an excellent option for those pursuing a career in academia or wanting to achieve the highest point of their career in counseling. A Ph.D. in academia can allow the person who holds it the possibility of becoming a full faculty member with tenure. PhDs can instruct at undergraduate and graduate levels, while others opt to remain in research. Researchers are known as research faculty members. Their income is based on their ability to secure research grants. Faculty members who do not teach have the same advantages of tenure as those who teach within the academic setting.

If you are a student who is not part of the academic world and do not have a doctorate could make a huge difference. Not only is having a Ph.D. give you a higher standing in the professional field, and the government (and insurance companies) permit these professionals to charge more for their time. Suppose you’re planning to publish a book; having a Ph.D. will look great on a book’s jacket. This can translate to more significant book sales and higher fame.

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