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What is BMW r18 concept Everything You need to Know.

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What is BMW r18 concept Everything You need to Know.

BMW r18 Concept

In addition to their adventure-oriented GS bikes and performance machines like their S 1000 RR, BMW has proven to be an elite motorcycle manufacturer. However, after unveiling the massive boxer-powered BMW r18 concept earlier this year, followed by the close-to-production R 18 /2, the reaction was mixed.

While other brands are focused on smaller, less intimidating motorcycles and the growing number of electric motorcycles coming on the scene, Bavarian Motor Works’ tangential direction into the cruiser category is an unpopular decision. It is unclear why did BMW opt to go in the opposite direction from its competitors? Who exactly is on seeking a cruiser made by Germans?

BMW History of Bikes

With a rich history of ingenuity, BMW shook up the motorbike scene in 1936 with its R five model. Created in 1936 by Rudolf Schleicher, the R 5 was a departure from the art deco-inspired influences of its predecessors, including the more aggressive R 32. It featured a teardrop-shaped tank and a double tubular steel frame with a cradle, and The R 5 made waves by being the first bike to have a telescopic hydraulic fork legscopicand a foot shipwright had a hand clutch. Even though all its competitors provided hand shifters and several less effective front suspension parts and components, the R 5 was ahead of its time.

When BMW first launched R nineT. R nineT, the brand which was dominating the ever-growing ADV segment, suddenly became an entry into the classic bike market. The positive reaction to the model was the catalyst that led to the idea, which eventually became R 5 Hommage. R 5 Hommage bike, which was revealed in the year 2016. “Already back then, our creation method was clear and visual: concentrating the BMW Motorrad DNA out of our rich history and interpreting it into a contemporary expression,” is the explanation of Edgar Heinrich, head of the BMW Motorrad Design Team. “The enormous positive feedback for the R 5 Hommage encouraged us to proceed in this direction.” In the wake of that, BMW began taking a more serious approach to designing an engine built in Germany.

Design BMW Concept r18

Design engineers at BMW began building an engine with a vast displacement that could compete with the big cruisers. The first time they talked about their choices. “We had this idea; we thought about what engine should we use?” Roland Stocker, leader of BMW’s Heritage Team, recognizes. During this time, the Heritage Team discussed what makes BMW distinctive in the motorcycling community and what could set the BMW apart from other cruisers. When looking back at their historical designs, Stocker explains, it was clear: “First and foremost, it was the boxer engine. It was our first engine, our heritage, and it was significant for us.” The boxer engine is bigger than any motorcycle engine they built up until now. “If we’re going to play in this game, we have to respect the rules,” Stocker states, noting that OEM’s engines can hold up to the equivalent of 108 cubic inches, which is more than the 1700cc mark. “If you like to play in this game, size issues.”

The challenge as a design for the BMW r18 concept

The most challenging part of the design is to make it all clear. Every component has a function. It’s challenging to get a clean appearance on a bike not adorned with all the wiring and cables, wires, black boxes, emissions, and noise requirements.

The Engine BMW r18 Concept Engine of the BMW r18 Concept

The meticulousness and attention to detail that the BMW design team paid to the creation of this big boxer can be seen in Heinrich’s description. “The engine is always the soul of a bike, and this boxer engine is a masterpiece of mechanical sculpture,” Heinrich describes the machine as an art piece that is adored by all. “The engine block and transmission are made of glass-bead-blasted aluminum, providing an ideal stage to present the hand-polished aluminum components and the belt guard and valve covers.” As Heinrich’s team was working to refine the massive boxer and create an idea bike around it. They were interested in seeing what character their creation could take when it was in the hands of other artists. The transfer of a model of the brand new R 18 engine to Yuichi Yoshizawa from Custom Works ZON was BMW’s first commissioned project. In the high-profile 2018 Hot Rod Custom show in Yokohama, Japan, Yoshizawa unveiled Departed, a gorgeous simple custom bike constructed around the new 1800cc motor. With its low profile and a brushed finish, ZON’s custom R 18 is reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s.

Cernobbio/Munich. Against the backdrop of a lively blend of the old and the new that is on display in the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW Motorrad presents an exciting alternative to a world increasingly characterized by rapid technological advancement. It could be seen as an attempt to return to the core of the brand and a new twist. The BMW Motorrad BMW r18 concept brings the essence of the large BMW Motorrad classics into the modern era. In terms of taking an old-fashioned motorcycle with a contemporary and unique look. Dr. Markus Schramm, head of BMW Motorrad, describes the model in the following manner: “With this dream bike, BMW Motorrad presents its version of an emotional and authentic offer for the large cruiser segment.”

 This BMW r18 concept demonstrates what the forward-looking 1960s boxer engine might appear today as a pure custom bike, in conjunction with all the iconic designs from BMW Motorrad. “With its simple aesthetics in the open, BMW r18 concept embodies the essence of what motorcycling, at its heart, is all about. It’s about feeling, not thinking, and not using technology to self-staging, but instead leaving room for creativity. This BMW r18 concept bike appeals to your deepest part, making you want to get onto it and go for a ride. However, when you leave it and you’re done, you don’t simply put it away in the garage and go away. You return to it to give it one last goodbye look,” says Edgar Heinrich, head of BMW Motorrad Design.

Big Boxer Engine as Well as BMW r18 Concept

While BMW continued to work on their design in their home country, They also gave another copy of their prototype engine to their design group of Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas. Its Revival Birdcage concept of the BMW r18 concept, revealed at the Handbuilt Show in April 2019, attracted all attention to the new BMW engine, encased in the latticework of an aluminum frame. There’s a strong respect for independent motorcycle manufacturers within BMW. “The ZON and the Revival Custom bikes, both fantastically staging the all-new big boxer engine, were exciting builds,” Heinrich adds. Heinrich. “Kind of a hint of our BMW r18 concept as well.”BMW r18 concept execution.”As for their own BMW r18 concept, BMW Motorrad was through a bit of trial and error before they decided to use the boxer’s engine. Making a design around such a vast mill, especially the distinctive boxer’s layout, presented various design issues. Because most cruisers’ design features put the rider’s feet in front, Heinrich, Stocker, and the whole team of heritage and design initially considered the possibility of using a different engine to accommodate the standard cruiser’s riding position. They created an adjustable mock-up of the bike before concluding that they should prioritize the boxer’s design over the forward-facing feet riding position. “This is something you can’t draw,” Stocker clarifies. “You must sit on the bike and must feel it. Then we realized that there’s no reason to have feet forward. This is BMW, and we’ve never been feet forward. It’s someplace else.”

In the end, the boxer was the winner. Tim Diehl Thiele, the head of Global Communication for BMW Motorrad, states, “From day one, the boxer engines have been our DNA.” Apart from showcasing the company’s history and heritage, the massive displacement engine is given its own identity that adds a formidable visual to R 18. R 18. “When you sit on the bike, you see the massive cylinders, which are so beautiful!” Stocker states. “It’s hard to look at the street because you’ll want to look at the engine.”

The BMW Boxer Tradition is Revealed in the Latest Splendor.

The center of the BMW r18 concept is the vast new, modern, two-cylinder 1800cc boxer engine. Its exterior appearance is like those flat-twin engines BMW Motorrad used to build from the beginning of the 1960s, only with a significantly larger displacement and modern cooling by air or oil. The massive prototype boxer is designed for minor aspects, including the engine block. The transmission is constructed of glass beads blasted aluminum, which provides a perfect platform to display the aluminum components polished by hand and the valve guards and belt covers.

The engine badge carries the title of the concept bike and emphasizes its overall quality—furthermore, Solex dual carburetors – like those on BMW 2002. BMW 2002 – hark back to the company’s construction history and give a final finish to the bike’s authenticity. Another notable optical feature is the chrome-plated, exposed universal shaft which connects the back wheel with the motor. The bike has no additional covers, which helps keep its design evident. In the same way, the electronic components of the BMW r18 concept bike have been stripped down to just lighting and starter, underlining its minimalist design.  The BMW r18 concept is the 3rd internal interpretation of the large capacity boxer engine directly from BMW Motorrad. In December, the concept engine developed by the Japanese customizing company, CUSTOM ZON, was unveiled at the Yokohama Hot Rod Show, built on the new engine prototype. The “Departed” was awarded the most prestigious award at the event. It was granted the “Best of Show” Motorcycle prize. It was a hit with motorcycle enthusiasts with its timeless designs, contemporary production techniques, and all kinds of hand-crafted art and craft in the finer details. The next phase was the interpretation of Revival Cycles.  Customizers of Austin, Texas, created a stunning bike using their “Revival” Birdcage” model. It’s an ideal platform for presenting Big Boxers. Big Boxer. The specially-designed titanium frame offers a clear view of the drive and engine from every angle. This American design caused a stir during last month’s Handbuilt Show in Texas.

The Look of the BMW r18 Concept

When it was time to construct the remainder of the bicycle around the newly-designed milling machine, a few challenges made the BMW r18 concept apart from the previous BMW models. “The greatest challenge with the design is rendering all of the components visible. Every component has a reason,” says Bart Janssen Groesbeek, the creator of the BMW r18 concept. “It is tough to achieve a ‘simple’ look in an un-faired bike, with all the harnesses, wires, cables, black boxes, noise, and emission requirements.” In the end, it appears that the BMW r18 concept came out with a clean, tidy, and sleek appearance, making it appear as if it’s going to be integrated into the production version.

High-Quality Details in Exquisite Custom Work.

In terms of its color design and design, the BMW Motorrad BMW r18 concept can be described as a classic. The design is typical BMW, and the white painted lines applied by hand on the fork and tank and the black base color are the traditional BMW color scheme. The subtle yellow-gold varnish effect gives the twin lines an unique look, and the black-effect paintwork on the rods for the tank and fork also reveals, in a unique fashion, an exceptional depth as the sun hits the metallic particles that are large in the different layers of paintwork. The design and style of the single leather seat were derived from classic 1950s designs. Redesigned and a bit more comfortable, the quality embossing is perfectly incorporated into the overall pure and elegant style. The spring strut cantilever is located under the seat. The headlamp’s graphic design also reminds us of the 1950s. The iconic U design of glass cover components is currently being used as LED lamp components.

 Each element adds to the Concept bike’s distinctive character and accentuates the overall message. The BMW r18 concept blends the traditional and historic design with the latest functions that BMW Motorrad offers in a coherent and unified total. Furthermore, a unique and well-designed horse-themed leather jacket evokes the look of the past. It is designed to showcase this BMW r18 concept motorcycle at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The leather jacket has a highly smooth surface with very little grain, and the protectors are almost invisible.

BMW R 18 2 and BMW r18 Concept

In the case of the R 18 /2, the bike that will be made available for purchase by the public, it features a lot of similarities to the BMW r18 concept — along with some distinctions. It is worth noting that the BMW r18 concept was modified to incorporate Solex dual carburetors, whereas the R 18 /2 is fuel-injected. “They are essentially the same base,” Diehl-Thiele states, “But it shows two bookends you can go to.” In other words, the two bikes have identical chassis, drivetrain, and swingarm but have distinct wheels and slightly different steering angles. It’s also different from the Concept model. The concept model also has brake and clutch levers that pivot on the bar-end, unlike the more traditional levers. The small fairing on R 18/2 gives an updated look to the otherwise sleek conventional style.

In the last decade, the classic style has won the hearts of those who have shifted their focus to the best performance of a manufacturer’s most athletic motorcycle. The capabilities of the bikes are way beyond the capabilities of most riders. What could be an engineer’s idea is now a nightmare for riders of all ages. Motorcyclists would like to return to simpler designs. They prefer bikes with the style of the heart, not just the head. This is the reason why the cruiser category is so popular.

When Will the BMW r18 Concept be Made Available?

“Motorcycles like the BMW r18 concept are a response to a growing need among the motorcycling community,” Stocker declares. “Rather than living a tad complex, the focus is on the simplicity of the structure, clearness, and genuineness. I can sense a romantic desire for physical, mechanical mechanics.” This BMW r18 concept was BMW’s creative offering to the segment. Its R 18 /2 will be the model that is commercially viable to the general public by mid-2020. Heinrich says, “Usually top-driven by creation, execution, usability, and such sensible items and latest devices, we had to focus on the emotive aspects.”

Does this mean that BMW has lost sight of its engineering capabilities and power in other markets such as ADV or sportbikes? In no way. “We see the cruiser segment as an additional segment for BMW Motorrad,” Heinrich clarifies Heinrich. “Cruisers are an appropriate demand stake, but until now, we did not deliver the right bikes for that segment.” This all changes when you purchase the BMW r18 concept. Although their new cruiser is still a BMW, that is a BMW, with all the focus on detail and the refined application of even the most miniature technologies. The approach is different from the design process for other BMW motorcycles. “This can be described as more of an emotion and not a technical approach the firm has taken for its brand. In each of the segments, we’re providing appropriate bikes to our customers. Times, very technical, at times athletic, but often extremely emotional. Particularly in the heritage segment, we must provide very emotionally-charged bikes.”

The R 18 is undoubtedly one of the bikes designed with passion and is likely to inspire passionate emotions among customers, both present and future. BMW has successfully created a bridge between vintage and modern bike enthusiasts by introducing the R nineT. The R 18 just might be making a similar connection between European motorcycle enthusiasts and cruiser lovers, two groups that were once mutually exclusive. Following their previous experiences, BMW is bringing a groundbreaking bike solidly rooted in the present and attracting a brand new group of people that, before this point, have never considered themselves cruisers. In the same way, this R 18 may open the brand to genuine American cruisers who previously have never considered the possibility of a BMW. If the reaction to previous projects for heritage bikes is anything to go by, we should hope for more positive things from BMW Motorrad.

Does this mean that BMW has lost sight of its engineering capabilities and strength in other areas, such as ADV or sportbikes? In no way. “We see the cruiser segment as an additional segment for BMW Motorrad,” Heinrich explains Heinrich. “Cruisers are a relevant market share, but until now, we did not provide the right bikes for that segment.” All that is changed when you purchase R 18. Although their new cruiser is still a BMW, that is a BMW, with all the care and attention to detail, as well as the use of the smallest amount of technology. The approach is different from the process of design for other BMW motorcycles. “This can be described as more an emotion-driven and not technical approach the firm has taken for its brand. In each segment, we’re offering the right bikes to our customers at times, highly technical, other times super sporty, and sometimes extremely emotional. In particular, we must provide extremely emotive bikes in the classic segment.”

The R 18 is undoubtedly an extremely passionate bike and is likely to inspire intense emotions in current and potential customers. BMW has successfully made a connection between classic motorcycle enthusiasts and contemporary bike enthusiasts by introducing its R 9T. Through the R 18, they just might be creating a similar relationship between European motorcyclists and cruiser lovers, two groups that were once mutually exclusive. In a nod to their previous experiences, BMW is bringing a groundbreaking bike fully rooted in the present and making it appealing to a new group of people that, before this point, have never been able to identify themselves as cruisers. In the same way, BMW’s R 18 may open the brand to a new generation of American cruisers who have not thought of a BMW. If the reaction to previous heritage bike projects indicates this is the case, we can anticipate more positive developments from BMW Motorrad.

The BMW Group

With the Four marques BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad, the BMW Group is the world’s top luxury manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. It also offers top-quality mobility and financial services. Its BMW Group production network comprises 30 assembly and production facilities across 14 countries. BMW Group is a worldwide sales and marketing network that spans more than 140 countries.

In 2018 in 2018, the BMW Group sold over 2,490,000 automobiles for passengers plus more than 165,000 motorbikes around the world. The profit before taxes in the year ended in 2018 was EUR 9.815 billion, based on revenue of EUR 97.480 billion. On December 31, 2018, BMW Group had 134,682 employees. BMW Group delivered a force of 134,682 workers.

Its success as a BMW Group has always been built on the long-term perspective and responsible actions. It has thus created a sustainable and ecological footprint across the entire value chain, complete product responsibility, and a solid commitment to preserving resources as an integral component of its overall strategy.


The Legend’s Birth

What’s inside the word? Well, for one German automaker, only three letters can be enough to bring global success. But, it didn’t occur without difficulty as it was a difficult journey, with the BMW Company experiencing numerous challenges and back-slashes. With today’s massive accomplishments and outstanding quality of service, it’s simple to conclude that there was no dark period or bad decisions made within the realm of BMW. However, by retaining the fundamental values of exceptional quality, reliability, and engineering, BMW has become a leading provider of high-end products, top services, and top-quality customer experiences. It’s been because of perseverance, commitment to quality, and a drive to provide what has grown to become the leading automobile brand around the globe It is because BMW has not just gained the status of legend and icon but has maintained that position throughout the years, and has become an everyday car that many people would like to own, and desire.

The Beginnings…

Then, some fun facts.

BMW’s roots can be traced to three distinct German businesses: Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Automobilwerk Eisenach. The story behind the name began at Rapp Motorenwerke, an aircraft engine maker. The most luxurious automobile was created by an airplane engine company that was struggling and was even manufacturing pans and pots. BMW’s founders included Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp and Camillo Castiglioni.

— BMW is an abbreviation for Bavarian Motor Works in English and is the parent company for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and MINI automobiles. Do not think that BMW has become a household brand within a short time. To get to the status it has today as a car that is the ultimate symbol of quality, class, and luxury, lots of trial and error was required. Knowing how this legend came to be through the ups and downs, financial problems and slow sales, difficult times, and many more are essential. It is by reviewing the past of BMW and recognizing important milestones over time the true potential of BMW is realized.

It was more than 100 years ago when Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, an aircraft engine manufacturer, was founded. It was changed six years later into Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW. This three-letter combination will ultimately be associated with the world’s most prestigious, most luxurious brand. The beginning of BMW is as old as 1913 when Karl Friedrich Rapp formed Rapp Motoren Werke in an area near Munich. A well-known engineer from a German aerospace business, Rapp, found that these engines had issues and had a lot of vibration. This led Rapp Motoren Werke to contract with Austro-Damier to develop V12 Aero engines to power aircraft. The business was booming and grew rapidly, but eventually, Rapp was forced to quit because of financial issues in 1916. At the time two Austrians, Franz Josef Popp and Maxx Friz took over Rapp Motoren Werke. Another airplane specialist, Gustav Otto, started creating small planes in a tiny shop named Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik. In March 1916 the year that Rapp Motoren Werke merged with Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik to form Bayersiche Flugzeugwerke.

The company was later rebranded in Bayerische Motoren Werke, or BMW, the name used to refer to it today. The official birth date of BMW, the German motor automobile manufacturer BMW with its headquarters in Munich in March 1916. The company produced aircraft engines starting in 1917 and continuing until 1918 and from 1933 until 1945. The company’s first product was a straight-six air engine called BMW Illa. BMW Illa. Motorcycles, aircraft engines, and automobiles were BMW’s primary products up to World War II. The initial logo of BMW, with its distinctive white and blue, was created in 1917.

During the war and in opposition to the desires of the company’s Director Franz Josef Popp, BMW focused its efforts on aircraft engines and motorcycles being a secondary line and stopped production of automobiles in their entirety. Because BMW’s factories were bombed heavily by the Nazis during World War II, all of its west German factories were barred from manufacturing automobiles or aircraft following the war.

How did BMW remain afloat? It was the maker of pots, pans, and bicycles! It was true!

It was the time to come to the close of the war, and BMW was still in business, manufacturing motorcycle engines, agricultural equipment, household items, and railway brakes. The first BMW motorcycle, the BMW R 32, was in 1923. BMW was already getting noticed and was being associated with excellence, and this motorcycle set a record for speed in the world that was unbroken till 1937. 1928 was the first, however, that automobiles were their primary business. The first car offered as BMW BMW was a rebadged Dixi known as” the BMW 3/15. It resulted from BMW’s acquisition of the manufacturer of automobiles, Automobilwerk Eisenach. It was in 1951 that BMW could create its first car since the war — a massive saloon car that could seat for up to 6. Although it was intended to appeal to the elite market, it didn’t achieve its goal. However, it played a significant role in establishing BMW’s position as a pioneer in terms of quality and technology. In commemorating the past 100 years of existence and acknowledging how BMW gained the status that it enjoys today, it is vital to remember that it’s only because of the determination of its employees that BMW continues to prosper. They’ve lasted and won in their endeavor to create the most desirable automobiles in the world, and their standing is solid. The company does not just commemorate its accomplishments and history; it also learns from them. 3-17-1916- see what the beginning of legends is about!


In conclusion, the BMW r18 concept is a unique design that showcases the company’s latest advancements in performance and technology. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and powerful engine, the BMW r18 concept combines luxury and performance in a one-of-a-kind car.

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